The PhotoBook Review
#009, Fall 2015


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Features and Columns

Editors’ Note by Kummer & Herrman

Publisher’s Note by Lesley A. Martin

Design Books to Know
Irma Boom on Kunst der sechziger Jahre and the work of Jan Vermeulen; Bruno Monguzzi on The Photographer’s Eye; Rick Poynor on About Graphic Design; Sven Ehmann on Fliehkraft; and Andrew Sloat on Learning from Las Vegas

Publisher ProfileArjen Ribbens on Willem van Zoetendaal

Designer SpotlightFemke Lutgerink on Ania Nalęcka

One Plus One Is ThreeA Conversation on Collaboration

Centerfold by Kummer & Herrman

The 2015 Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards Shortlist


Rahaab Allana on Laura El-TantawyIn the Shadow of the Pyramids

Stephanie H. Tung on Xu YongNegatives

Arnold van Bruggen on Carlos SpottornoWealth Management

Isabelle Evertse on Sjoerd KnibbelerPaper Planes

Giulia Zorzi on Lisa BarnardHyenas of the Battlefield, Machines in the Garden

Matthew Goodman on Antony CairnsLDN EL

Rémi Coignet on Henrik MalmströmLife Is One Live It Well

Tamara Berghmans on Hillie de RooijMyopia

Chris Boot on Bruce GildenFACE