Editor’s Note: Darius Himes

Whenever there is a cultural statement involving the “death” of something, you can be assured that a proliferation and rebirth of that very thing is already happening in the nooks and crannies of popular culture. The renaissance is usually spearheaded by artists, and while it doesn’t have the same mass-market reach, it is usually far more culturally satisfying. Vinyl is still around, television didn’t kill radio, college kids now want to become organic farmers, many stores within a few blocks of my flat sell working typewriters, the production process for books has never been more accessible, and you’re reading this…

Publisher’s Note

Lesley A. Martin contributes the Publisher’s Note for The PhotoBook Review #005


The Pigs – Carlos Spottorno Interview at Paris Photo 2013

Photographer Carlos Spottorno speaks with Read That Image during Paris Photo Fair 2013.

by Óscar Monzón 
(Dalpine, Madrid / RVB Books, 2013)

Announcing the Winners of The Paris Photo—Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards 2013

PhotoBook Awards 2013 winners were announced November 15 at Paris Photo.

First PhotoBook Award 2013 Shortlist – Video

A video highlighting the twenty books included in the First PhotoBook Award 2013 shortlist.


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