Aperture 213

Winter 2013

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12 x 9 1/4 inches 128 pages 978-1-59711-281-9
Aperture Magazine, issue #213, Winter 2013
Photography as you don’t know it

Our Collective Invention
by Joel Smith

The Canon After the Internet
Katrina Sluis in conversation with Christiane Paul and Julian Stallabrass

The Conjurer: In the Archive with Timothy Prus
by Brian Dillon

Noni Stacey on Women & Work, London, 1975

Olivier Lugon on Architecture, Measure of Man, Milan, 1951

Mary Statzer on Photography into Sculpture, New York, 1970

Vanessa Rocco on the Building Workers Unions Exhibition, Berlin, 1931

View from a Judgment Seat
Quentin Bajac in conversation with Philip Gefter

Paul Trevor
Introduction by Chris Boot

Seiichi Furuya
Introduction by David Strettell

Maria Sewcz: inter esse
Introduction by Britt Salvesen

Marie Cosindas
Introduction by Lisa Hostetler

Len Lye: Shadowgraphs
Introduction by Geoffrey Batchen

Ken Pate: Roquette Rockers
Introduction by Carole Naggar

Marianne Wex
Introduction by David Campany

Ricardo Rangel
Introduction by Bronwyn Law-Viljoen

Horacio Coppola
Introduction by Sarah Hermanson Meister

Rosângela Renn
Introduction by Thyago Nogueira

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