2010 Winners

Aperture Portfolio Prize 2010

Sadako, from the series Gaijin by David Favrod

This year’s Aperture Portfolio Prize drew an incredibly diverse pool of applicants. Of the over nine hundred submissions, the judges awarded the top prize to David Favrod. Additionally, four runners-up were selected: Kathryn Parker Almanas, Anne Golaz, Julian Röder, and Jordan Tate. Aperture is pleased to present their portfolios here.

Aperture Portfolio Prize Winner: David Favrod
Runner-up: Kathryn Parker Almanas
Runner-up: Anne Golaz
Runner-up: Julian Röder
Runner-up: Jordan Tate

The following staff took part in judging the 2010 competition:
Lesley A. Martin, Publisher, Books
Denise Wolff, Editor
Kellie McLaughlin, Director, Limited-Edition Photographs
Jenny Goldberg, Assistant to the Publisher
Paul Colarusso, Bookstore Manager
Chelsea Deklotz, Work Scholar
Matthew Harvey, Work Scholar
Paula Kupfer, Work Scholar
Kate Pastorek, Work Scholar
Elina Ruka, Work Scholar

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