Aperture Magazine
#215, Summer 2014

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The Magazine of Photography and Ideas

Table of Contents


Editors’ Note

What Matters Now?
Contributions by Pete Brook, Roni Horn, Marisa Olson, Frederick Wiseman

Geoff Dyer on D.H. Lawrence’s “Art and Morality”

Collectors: The Magazine Editors
Contributions by Negar Azimi, Tony Chambers, Penny Martin, Josh Tyrangiel, Stefano Tonchi

Studio Visit
Jonathan Griffin with Thomas Demand in Los Angeles


An Itinerant Photography
by Sérgio Burgi

Light Writing in the Tropics: The Story of Hercule Florence
by Natalia Brizuela


Groupshot: São Paulo’s Photography Collectives
by Ronaldo Entler

Bookending the City
by Cassiano Elek Machado

Support Structure:São Paulo’s Independent Art Spaces
by Silas Martí


Caio Reisewitz
Introduction by Christopher Phillips

Geraldo de Barros
Introduction by Heloísa Espada

Bárbara Wagner: The Maracatu
Introduction by Agnaldo Farias


Hudinilson Urbano Jr.
Introduction by Tobi Maier

Mauro Restiffe: Oscar Niemeyer’s Funeral
Introduction by Rodrigo Moura

Jonathas de Andrade: Education for Adults
Introduction by Ana Maria Maia

Regina Silveira: Enigmas
Introduction by Sarah Hermanson Meister

Sofia Borges: Pre-History

Claudia Andujar
Conversation with Thyago Nogueira


Object Lessons
Unmasked Slide, São Paulo Biennial Archive, 1958–59

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