Aperture Magazine
#217, Winter 2014

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Table of Contents


Editors’ Note

Erin O’Toole on Lew Thomas’s Structural(ism) and Photography

by James Welling

Collectors: The Poets
Contributions by John Ashbery, Richard Howard, Ann Lauterbach, Ben Lerner

Wojciech Nowicki on Krakow



Hervé Guibert
Introduction by Vince Aletti

Natalie Czech: Poems by Repetition
Introduction by Drew Sawyer

Erica Baum: Wordplay
Introduction by Nat Trotman

William S. Burroughs: Still Shots
Introduction by Eric Banks

Eamonn Doyle: i
Introduction by Brian Dillon

Kobo Abe as Photographer
Introduction by Ivan Vartanian

Sarah Dobai: After “The Overcoat”

Iris Garden: John Cage & William Gedney
Introduction by Aaron Schuman

Gus Powell: The Lonely Ones
Introduction by Heidi Julavits


Object Lessons
Germaine Krull’s Roman maquette, ca. 1930

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