Aperture Magazine
#220, Fall 2015

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The Magazine of Photography and Ideas

Table of Contents


Editors’ Note

Collectors: The Biographers
Contributions by Cynthia Carr, Linda Gordon, Deborah Solomon, Alexander Stille

by Justine Kurland

On Portraits
by Geoff Dyer

Lyle Rexer on Photography: Venice ’79


Object Lessons
Manuscripts, 1922


William Klein
Interview by Aaron Schuman

Boris Mikhailov
Interview by Viktor Misiano

Guido Guidi
Interview by Antonello Frongia

Rosalind Fox Solomon
Interview by Francine Prose

Bertien van Manen
Interview by Kim Knoppers

Bruce Davidson
Interview by Charlotte Cotton

David Goldblatt
Interview by Jonathan Cane

Ishiuchi Miyako
Interview by Yuri Mitsuda

Paolo Gasparini
Interview by Sagrario Berti

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