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Aperture Celebrates Ethan James Green at the 2019 Spring Party: Young New York

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Tali Lennox Madison Voelkel/

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Alek Wek and House of Yes performersMadison Voelkel/

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Party guestsMadison Voelkel/

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Dara Allen, Ethan James Green, Torraine Futurum Madison Voelkel/

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Micol Sabbadini, Andrea Franchini Madison Voelkel/

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Stefano Tonchi, Ethan James Green Madison Voelkel/

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Sophia Narrett, Alice Hines Madison Voelkel/

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Sally Borno, Rebecca Roberts, Jordan Hancock, Ethan James Green Madison Voelkel/

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Alek Wek, Brendan Embser, Nkechi Ebubedike Madison Voelkel/

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Sarah Cascone, Lulu Krause Madison Voelkel/

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Phyllis Posnick, Ethan James Green Madison Voelkel/

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DonChristian, Martine Gutierrez Madison Voelkel/

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Nion McEvoy, Cathy Kaplan Madison Voelkel/

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The scene at the Paradise Club, The Times Square EDITIONMadison Voelkel/

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Maya Margarita, MerlotMadison Voelkel/

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Alex Arauz, MarcsMadison Voelkel/

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Antwaun Sargent Madison Voelkel/

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Ang Rand, Matthew DomescekMadison Voelkel/

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House of Yes performance at the Paradise Club, The Times Square EDITIONMadison Voelkel/

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House of Yes performance at the Paradise Club, The Times Square EDITIONMadison Voelkel/

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Adam Eli Madison Voelkel/

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Tali Lennox, Carly Mark, Richie Shazam KhanMadison Voelkel/

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The scene at the Paradise Club, The Times Square EDITIONMadison Voelkel/

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James O'Shaughnessy, Missy O'Shaughnessy, Tony White Madison Voelkel/

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Nina Rosenblum, Cathy Kaplan, Daniel Allentuck Madison Voelkel/

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Isabella Isbiroglu, Alexandra Ben-Gurion Madison Voelkel/

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Rebecca Roberts, Lauren Lanier, Leslie Simitch Madison Voelkel/

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Elizabeth Ann Kahane, Erwin Olaf, Nion McEvoy, Shirley den Hartog Madison Voelkel/

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Stefano Tonchi, Ethan James GreenMadison Voelkel/

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Sonalde Desai, Hemant Kanakia Madison Voelkel/

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Tim Doody, Sarah Haimes Madison Voelkel/

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Melinda Green, Ethan James Green, Mark GreenMadison Voelkel/

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Performer from the House of YesMadison Voelkel/

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Ben Pundole, Alek Wek, House of Yes performer Madison Voelkel/

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Tali Lennox, Carly Mark Madison Voelkel/

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Richie Shazam Khan, Ethan James Green Madison Voelkel/

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Peter Goldberg, Stevie Triano Madison Voelkel/

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Chris Boot, Mary Ellen GoekeMike Vitelli/

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Julia Wagner, Isabelle McTwigan, Brendan Embser Mike Vitelli/

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Brendan Embser, Ethan James Green, Chris Boot Mike Vitelli/

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Ethan James GreenMike Vitelli/

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Dara Allen Mike Vitelli/

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Michael Hoeh, Lisa Rosenblum, Nina Celebic, Nina Rosenblum, Daniel Allentuck Mike Vitelli/

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Jessica Craig-Martin Mike Vitelli/

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Tom James, Natalie Gaisser, Christine Ramsbottom, Meghan Michelle Gallagher, Tyler Rhode, Scott Robinson Mike Vitelli/

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Zsela Mike Vitelli/

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Marcs Mike Vitelli/

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Tammy Hsu, Jinny Choi Mike Vitelli/

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DJ Greg Poole (Homecoming) Mike Vitelli/

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Torraine Futurum, Adam Eli, Maya Margarita Mike Vitelli/

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Richie Shazam KhanMike Vitelli/

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Sam Pritzker and guestMike Vitelli/

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Dara Allen Mike Vitelli/

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Antwaun Sargent, Ethan James Green Mike Vitelli/

On Friday, April 5, Aperture celebrated Ethan James Green and the release of his first monograph, Young New York, at a festive party at the Paradise Club presented by The Times Square EDITION in New York City. The night featured specialty cocktails, a creative feast, and a performance by the House of Yes, based on William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

Aperture Executive Director Chris Boot toasted Green, stating: “A book can change an artist’s life, and can contribute in a significant way to culture and consciousness.” Boot extended thanks to Green and to his community, as well as to the book’s supporters, including Alexander McQueen, Peter Barbur, Michael Hoeh, Cathy Kaplan, Noel Kirnon, Fred Ohm, Missy and Jim O’Shaughnessy, and Drs. Stephen and Marsha Silberstein.

Young New York editor Brendan Embser spoke about the impact of Green’s work. “You’ve shown queer people that we are beautiful, that we exist,” Embser said, noting that the book grew out of Green’s portfolio in Aperture magazine’s “Future Gender” issue, guest-edited by Zackary Drucker. “I wish I had a book like this when I was a teenager. But I can just imagine all the queer youth out there who are going to find Young New York and suddenly see themselves.”

“Your work makes what we believe about ourselves become real,” remarked Spring Party cohost and model Dara Allen, who is featured in multiple portraits in Young New York. Torraine Futurum added that Green is “someone who, as he rises, brings people along with him, and tries to give them the same opportunities that he has.”

The House of Yes gave an energetic show for dinner guests, followed by an after-party with music by DJ Greg Poole (Homecoming), and a performance by Brooklyn-based multimedia artist Martine Gutierrez. Guests were decked out in colorful and show-stopping ensembles. In attendance were Great Bowery’s Leslie Simitch and Jordan Hancock, W magazine’s Stefano Tonchi, Vogue’s Phyllis Posnick, artist Erwin Olaf, supermodel Alek Wek, artist and model Tali Lennox, artist Carly Mark, writer and activist Adam Eli, Richie Shazam Khan, artist Ryan McNamara, and critic Antwaun Sargent.

Green’s brother, Joel Green, said: “As an older brother, it might be strange, but this feels like a hero moment for me. Ethan is someone who embodies the essence of hard work, who has overcome so many obstacles, to get to a point where he can fully express himself, and who he is, and what he can give to the world.”

The event was photographed by Jessica Craig-Martin and BFA.

The 2019 Aperture Spring Party was made possible with generous support from:

The Times Square EDITION
Great Bowery

Dara Allen, Adam Eli, Torraine Futurum, Meghan Michelle Gallagher,* Great Bowery, Sarah F. Haimes,* Jordan Hancock, Parker Kit Hill, Michael Hoeh, Cathy M. Kaplan, Joshua Lewin and Kaavya Viswanathan,* Sam Pritzker,* Lisa Rosenblum, Thomas R. Schiff, Stefano Tonchi, Alek Wek

Spring Party Committee
Anonymous, Peter Barbur and Tim Doody, Audry X. Casusol, Allan Chapin and Anna Rachminov, Jessica Craig-Martin, Elizabeth Ann Kahane, Hemant Kanakia and Sonalde Desai, Richie Shazam Khan, Tali Lennox, Andrew E. Lewin, Carly Mark, Nion McEvoy, Ryan McNamara, Paula Naughton, Erwin Olaf, Melissa and James O’Shaughnessy, Phyllis Posnick, Michael Schulman, Jasper Soloff, Lisa Stone Pritzker, Julia Wagner, Paul Zaentz, Zsela

*Aperture Connect Council Member

Mikkeller Brewing NYC

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