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The Light All Around Us

In his 1970s photographs from Colorado, Robert Adams finds the beauty and emotion in everyday homes.

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In Japan, a Photographer Finds There’s No Stranger Place than Home

Fumi Ishino’s photographs ask what happens when a house becomes unfamiliar.

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What Happens When the American Dream of Homeownership Reaches Mexico?

For more than a decade, Alejandro Cartagena has photographed Mexican suburbs transformed by the rapid construction of new homes.

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Denise Scott Brown on the Signs and Symbols for Living

For the acclaimed architect, photography has always been a central approach to design.

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Midcentury Modern in Black and White

In the postwar years, Ezra Stoller photographed iconic buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe. But, were his images a reality—or an ideal?

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The Terror and Pleasure of Staying at Home

How did an early 1990s exhibition anticipate the transformation of family life in the U.S.?

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For Annabelle Selldorf, Architecture is Not About Powerful Images

The art world’s favorite architect on her photographic influences, designing sought-after homes, and how buildings can actually “do something.”

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Minimal, Messy, or Melancholic?

The many faces of “home” in Japanese photography.

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In a World of Brutal Urbanism, Can a Home be a Refuge?

Acclaimed architect David Adjaye reflects on what kinds of homes we build, and how we live in them.