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A Look Inside Aperture’s Third Annual Patron Weekend in Hudson Valley

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Aperture patrons and friends gather at the “Apple House.” Photo courtesy of William Kahane.

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Lyle Ashton Harris discusses his work at his Germantown studio. Photo by Kodie-Ann Walcott.

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Chris Boot holds Lyle Ashton Harris: Today I Shall Judge Nothing That Occurs, an Aperture publication, with Lyle Ashton Harris. Photo by Amelia Lang.

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Amelia Lang introducing Letha Wilson at her studio in Craryville, New York. Photo by Kodie-Ann Walcott.

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Letha Wilson sharing images with the Aperture group that reflect the confluence of nature and architecture in her work. Photo by Amelia Lang.

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James Casebere in his studio, surrounded by the architectural models that he uses as props in his work. Photo by William Kahane.

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Back balcony at Simon Lince and Cary Leibowitz’s home. Photo by Kodie-Ann Walcott.

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Aperture patrons and friends together at Simon Lince and Cary Leibowitz’s farmhouse. Photo by Emily Grillo, editing by Steven Hurwitz.

Slide 9

Dining room—inspired by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown—at the home of Simon Lince and Cary Leibowitz. Photo by Kodie-Ann Walcott.

Slide 10

James Casebere, at the home of Cathy Kaplan and Renwick Martin, reviewing prints with Aperture patrons and friends. Photo by Kodie-Ann Walcott.

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Elizabeth Kahane addresses the Aperture group in her studio. Photo by William Kahane.

From June 21–23, Aperture trustees, patrons, artists, and friends enjoyed an inspiring weekend of events in New York’s Hudson Valley, with visits to the Norman Rockwell Museum and artist studios and collections throughout the region.

Patrons started the weekend reflecting on American culture with an inside look at the work of artist and illustrator Norman Rockwell, in an exhibition tour of Private Moments for the Masses at the Norman Rockwell Museum. Autobiographical aspects of Rockwell’s art and imagery are incorporated into the exhibition, including the artist’s famous cover illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post, and Rockwell’s later series on racism for Look magazine. Following the tour, the group enjoyed an evening outdoors with cocktails and dinner, in the courtyard at beloved Hudson restaurant, Le Perche.

Lyle Ashton Harris hosted the group on Saturday morning at his serene cabin and work space, where he discussed pieces from his latest series honoring his late father. Harris also shared a grouping of self-portraits shot in Africa, among other works and publications. Harris noted that his Untitled (DAD), recently acquired by the Guggenheim Museum, will be included in the museum’s upcoming show, Implicit Tensions: Mapplethorpe Now, Part 2, opening July 24 in New York.

Later that day in Craryville, the group met at Letha Wilson’s airy studio to learn about her reliefs and site-specific installations, bringing together architectural and natural elements. A meet up at James Casebere’s studio followed, where the artist, a recipient of the 2019–20 Rome Prize, showcased his colorful architectural models and surrealist landscapes, revealing his technique for blurring lines between fiction and fact. A visit to Simon Lince and Cary Leibowitz’s 1795 farmhouse, redesigned by architects Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, was the last activity of the day, featuring whimsical furniture, decor, art, and curiosities, including a rotating mechanical painting. At sunset, dinner and a spectacular view of the Hudson Valley was enjoyed at the home of Aperture trustee Cathy Kaplan.

On Sunday afternoon, photographer and filmmaker Ayana V. Jackson presented her newest body of work as the first artist-in-residence in a series established by Aperture trustee Elizabeth Kahane and her husband, William Kahane. The group delved into a deliciously authentic Jamaican summer lunch after a viewing of Wigstock 1995, a presentation of color works by E.A. Kahane, in tribute to Stonewall 50.

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