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Celebrating Aperture Magazine’s Fall 2019 Issue, “Mexico City”

Hosted by Selina

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Pablo López Luz, Emmanuel Faccio, Kevin Hart, Iñaki BonillasSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 2

Stuart Cooper, Dana TriwushSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 3

Tom Schiff, Mary Ellen GoekeSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 4

Lisa Rosenblum, Andrew LewinSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 5

Meghan Michelle Gallagher, Amanda BeebeSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 6

Mary Ellen Goeke, Tom Schiff, Sarah Hermanson MeisterSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 7

Kevin Hart, Elena Navarro, Emmanuel FaccioSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 8

Rafael Prieto, Sarah BaxbySteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 9

John Roa, Elizabeth BelferSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 10

Brendan Embser, Alexis Heit, Kelli OrihuelaSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 11

Kelsey La Porte, Charlotte DawesSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 12

Chris Boot, Andrea Celda, Christoph WiesnerSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 13

Whit Williams Jr., Kate Cordsen, Chris BootSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 14

Michael Famighetti, Artur Walther, Andrea CeldaSteven Davis/Aperture

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Guest, Alejandro CartagenaSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 16

Julian Jordan, Benjamin Petit, Geraldine MoribaSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 17

Yola Mezcal Steven Davis/Aperture

Slide 18

Mayra Martel, Elena Navarro, Natalia Priwin, Brendan EmbserSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 19

Kiyomi Higuchi, Noah Schwarz, Micaela Lade, Richard GreggSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 20

Sanket Karuri, guest, Pablo López LuzSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 21

Steven Molina Contreras, Beth Sacca, Stephen Velastgui, Nathalie AraujoSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 22

Hamant Kanakia, Stuart CooperSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 23

Madre MezcalSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 24

Eva Aridjis, Nanci SarroufSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 25

Christoph Wiesner, Erin O’Toole, Denise Wolff, David SoloSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 26

Andrew Lewin, Iñaki Bonillas, Bree Zucker, Sarah Hermanson MeisterSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 27

Anh Tuan Pham, Anna Ritsch, and Isioma-IyamahSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 28

Steven Davis/Aperture

Slide 29

Fabiola Alhondra, Brian Crumley, Alfredo Poves, Giada De Agostinis, Amanda Boe, Hari MoirisSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 30

Madre MezcalSteven Davis/Aperture

Slide 31

Tito's VodkaSteven Davis/Aperture

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On September 18, Aperture trustees, friends, editors, and artists gathered at soon-to-open Selina in West Chelsea to celebrate the launch of Aperture magazine’s “Mexico City” issue, illuminating the ways Mexican photographers are pushing new visions in the medium.

The night began with an intimate Mexican-themed seated dinner, paired with specialty cocktails by Yola Mezcal. Aperture magazine editor Michael Famighetti gave a toast and welcomed visiting artists featured in the issue, including Iñaki Bonillas, Pablo López Luz, and Mayra Martell—who were all provided accommodations at Selina during the festivities. “The ‘Mexico City’ issue is part of a series of city-based issues that we do, which is about expanding our purview and bringing new people into Aperture’s community,” said Michael. Surrounding Aperture staff were contributors to the magazine’s most recent issue, including Elena Navarro and Andrea Celda—who was introduced and thanked by Chris Boot, Aperture’s executive director. Also in attendance were Sarah Hermanson Meister, Dolph Hogewoning, Christoph Wiesner, Artur Walther, and Whit Williams, as well Aperture trustees Cathy Kaplan, Hemant Kanakia, Stuart Cooper, and Andrew Lewin.

Following dinner, guests made their way up to Selina’s rooftop lounge to join the after-party, where attendees enjoyed stunning views of the New York City skyline, accompanied by music by DJ Mateo López, elixirs by Madre Mezcal and Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and a selection of Mexican candies.

To purchase Aperture’s “Mexico City” issue, click here.



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