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On April 6–7, 2013, a screen-printed publication was created during a live event in Tokyo. Self Publish, Be Happy and GOLIGA created a Fluxus-style atelier on the first floor of the venue Harajuku VACANT. For two days, eleven young photographers had a silkscreen workshop facility to create and print their photography as part of a limited-edition publication, COMPILATION TOKYO. Each photographer prepared and silkscreen-printed his or her own work, making the publication an entirely handmade production. During the workshop, all digital production, preparation of printing plates, and silkscreen printing happened in full view of the public.

On April 30, 2013, artist Charlie Engman worked in-situ at Aperture Gallery in New York to create a new artist zine by remixing COMPILATION TOKYO. Engman cut apart, re-photographed, and digitally modified photographs in order to create an entirely new body of work. These new works were printed and photocopied on site to create a new, original limited-edition artist publication. In this video recap of the event, Bruno Ceschel, founder of Self Publish, Be Happy, discusses the project.

Compilation Tokyo: Remix is now available.

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