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Inside Aperture Connect Meet-Up with Photobook Collector David Solo


David Solo shares his photobook collection with Aperture Connect Members. Photo by Carly Lovejoy

On June 19, Aperture Connect Members joined Aperture trustee David Solo at his Brooklyn home for the second Connect Meet-Up of 2017.

Solo led a special tour and discussion about collecting photobooks, traveling to artbook fairs, and how his love for collecting books began. It was a treat to look through Solo’s vast library, which includes remarkable publications such as and everything becomes nothing again by Léa Habourdin, a scroll-format photobook by Rinko Kawauchi, and Fotografie1956 Prague by Josef Sudek. Aperture staff and Solo shared their love of photobooks, both contemporary and rare, and Members were exposed to a firsthand look at how photobook collections start, how they are organized, and how they are cared for—and witnessed the joy of living with books.

Aperture Connect is a dynamic group of engaged supporters (ages 21 to 37), residing in the New York Tri-State area, who seek to further their knowledge and understanding of photography, publishing, and the international photo community.

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