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Ed Ruscha on Stephen Shore’s America


Stephen Shore, Second Street and Matheson Street, Kenora, Ontario, August 15, 1974 © the artist


Stephen Shore, Fort Worth, Texas, June 2, 1976 © the artist


Stephen Shore, 2800 South Hayden Street, Amarillo, Texas, August 17, 1973 © the artist


Stephen Shore, Sixth Street, Orlando, Florida, November 7, 1977 © the artist


Stephen Shore, Room 38, Curly Redwood Lodge, Crescent City, California, September 1, 1974 © the artist


Stephen Shore, Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan, July 8, 1973 © the artist


Stephen Shore, Third Street and Hancock Street, Ithaca, New York, August 11, 1977 © the artist


Stephen Shore, Kelly’s Barber Shop, Key Largo, Florida, November 11, 1977 © the artist


Stephen Shore, Market Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, July 4, 1973 © the artist


Stephen Shore, Ginger Shore, Aspen, Colorado, June 20, 1978 © the artist

From this large collection of wide-ranging photographic subjects, no attempt was made to select images that displayed either civic America or variety, but rather ones that had a distinct voice on their own. Looking at one picture you could hear a pin drop. Another would roar with noise and yet another would hum along quite ordinary-like.

I seem to have favored scenes that were oblivious to the camera or forgot it was even there.

Ed Ruscha is an American conceptual artist. This feature is adapted from the Aperture book Stephen Shore: Selected Works, 1973–1981.

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