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How Are Young Photographers Documenting the Protests in Hong Kong?

Beyond the tear gas and the front lines, these Hong Kong photographers have found new ways to represent the city’s political crisis.


In These Film Collages, Trump’s Washington Looks Just Like “The Shining”

John Pilson’s latest series reveals an uncanny resemblance between the U.S. president and Stanley Kubrick’s failed novelist.


How One Woman Helped Invent Modern Photography

Through her work with Tina Modotti and Edward Weston, the visionary writer Anita Brenner ushered in the Mexican renaissance.


How a No-Frills Zine Transformed a British Town

For ten years, Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson have celebrated the hyperlocal through their expansive photo project.


Mark McKnight’s Exuberant Tribute to Queer Tenderness

In the male body and the physical world, an unexpected seduction.


Peter Berlin was the First “Photosexual”

Decades before Grindr, Instagram, and erotic selfies, the photographer was famous for his extreme sexual-artistic practice.


Laura Aguilar Was a Proud Latina Lesbian, and She Flaunted It

What do the late artist’s emotional photo-text letters reveal about the craft of self-expression?


Down and Out on the West Side Piers

Alvin Baltrop made an indelible record of gay life in New York before AIDS. But why is a queer, Black artist’s work only valuable after his death?


Notions of Land

For Indigenous artists, can photographs provide a space of visual sovereignty?