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Richard Misrach – Golden Gate – Signed Editions Now Available

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signed copy of Richard Misrach’s acclaimed Golden Gate series

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This deluxe signed album, a selection of fifty of the finest photographs from Richard Misrach’s acclaimed Golden Gate series, has been assembled for publication on the historic occasion of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the iconic bridge.

In 1997 Misrach began a three-year project photographing the Golden Gate Bridge at all times of day and night, in every season, from a single vantage point on his front porch. Within this simple framework, in which the subject and its framing remain fixed in every photograph, an alchemy occurs. An astonishing range of atmosphere, light, and color unfolds, bringing fresh revelation and interpretation to a familiar view—a unique and beautiful photographic meditation on place and time. This special album commemorates one of the most iconic and lasting symbols of American progress and ingenuity.

This limited, signed edition of Richard Misrach’s Golden Gate is available for $175 via Aperture.

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