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Issue 19 of the Aperture Photography App is Now Available


The new issue of the Aperture Photography App is now available to download on your iOS device. Here’s a look inside Issue 19:

● A Publisher Profile preview from the latest issue of the The PhotoBook Review

● A report from Aperture magazine editor Michael Famighetti on Olso’s photography scene

● A conversation between RoseLee Goldberg and Roxana Marcoci from the upcoming “Performance Issue” of Aperture magazine

● An Aperture Beat on The Ballad Live, Aperture’s Fall Benefit

● An excerpt from Aperture Foundation’s executive director Chris Boot’s interview with Hiroji Kubota

Every issue of the Aperture Photography App is free– subscribers have new issues delivered to their device automatically. Select articles later appear here, on the Aperture blog. Click here to download the app today!

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