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The Many Worlds of Susan Meiselas

A comprehensive exhibition celebrates the photographer’s unique approach to storytelling.

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Susan Meiselas, Debbie et Renee, Rockland, Maine, 1972, from the series, Carnival Strippers, 1972-1975. © the artist/Magnum Photos

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Susan Meiselas, Returning home, Masaya, Nicaragua, 1978. © the artist/Magnum Photos

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Susan Meiselas, Searching everyone traveling by car, truck, bus or foot, Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua, 1978. © the artist/Magnum Photos

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Susan Meiselas, Road to Aguilares, El Salvador, 1983. © the artist/Magnum Photos

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Susan Meiselas, Concrete blocks mark the mass grave in Koreme, Northern Iraq, 1992. © the artist/Magnum Photos

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Susan Meiselas, Mistresses Solitaire and Delilah I, the Dressing Room, 1995, from the series Pandora's Box. © the artist/Magnum Photos

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Susan Meiselas, Janet, Room 9, Black Country, United Kingdom, 2015, from the series, A Room of Their Own. © the artist/Magnum Photos

The current retrospective of Susan Meiselas’s work, a coproduction of Jeu de Paume, Paris, and Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, curated by Carles Guerra and Pia Viewing, spans four decades of photographs, up to her recent collaboration with women in domestic violence shelters in the U.K. “Trying to understand my relationship as a photographer to the subject as, or to, a community is consistently the preoccupation that has guided my work,” says Meiselas. The exhibition is a testament to the way Meiselas has continually asked herself that question over the years. Her photographs depict worlds as divergent as American carnival strippers, teenage girls in New York, and the peoples of Nicaragua, Kurdistan, and El Salvador.

Susan Meiselas is on view at the Jeu de Paume, Paris, through May 20, 2018.

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