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New York Times Magazine Photographs in Santiago, Chile

Installation images courtesy of Stacey Baker and Annette Booth.

The latest installation of The New York Times Magazine Photographs is on view at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, in Santiago, Chile, through June 15, 2013. The exhibition, curated by New York Times Magazine photo editor Kathy Ryan and Lesley A. Martin, consists of 126 works by thirty-five artists, including Lynsey AddarioGregory CrewdsonMitch EpsteinNan GoldinAnnie LiebovitzMary Ellen MarkSteve McCurry, and more.

For more details, and a full list of future venues for The New York Times Magazine Photographs, visit our traveling exhibitions page.

 Aperture published The New York Times Magazine Photographsedited by Kathy Ryan, in fall 2011.

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