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talks & interviews

Hidden Mothers

Through uncanny vintage photographs, Laura Larson tells a story of love and attachment.

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Hale County Revisited

In photographs and a new film, RaMell Ross offers a poetic vision of Southern life.

foundation news

Into the Darkroom

At Ted Partin’s studio, Aperture Connect Members take a peek behind the curtain.


13 Photographers on What Freedom Means to Them

Highlights from the Magnum Square Print Sale

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Sofia Coppola on Pictures

The acclaimed director reveals the photographs that inspired her films.


What’s In An Image?

Sharing, surveillance, and data are changing the way we look and see.

talks & interviews

Queer Looking, Queer Being

How can photography transform representations of non-binary and transgender bodies?


The ’90s are Back

Six artists on the photobook at the end of the millennium.


Starring Sanlé Sory

From a vivacious studio photographer, the music and style of 1960s West Africa.

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Man Ray as You Don’t Know Him

Rediscovering the surrealist artist’s “Unconcerned Photographs.”

talks & interviews

Southern Futures

Mark Steinmetz’s project on the Atlanta Airport portrays the American South in all its complexity and contradiction.

foundation news

Behind the Scenes at Foam Talent

During a private tour at Red Hook Labs, Aperture Members learned the about up-and-coming photographers taking the field by storm.