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portfolio prize

2019 Portfolio Prize Runner-Up: Teresa Eng

In her lyrical, dreamlike images, Teresa Eng asks—what does modern China look like to a child of the Chinese diaspora?

portfolio prize

2019 Portfolio Prize Runner-Up: Jack Latham

In the age of fake news, Jack Latham investigates the secret society that has inspired conspiracy theories, protests, and attacks since its founding days in 1872.

portfolio prize

2019 Portfolio Prize Runner-Up: Zora J Murff

Zora J Murff evaluates the fallout of prejudicial housing policies within the larger narrative of violence perpetrated against African Americans.

portfolio prize

2019 Portfolio Prize Runner-Up: Guanyu Xu

Reclaiming domestic space through installations in his parents’ home, Guanyu Xu explores queer identity and censorship across China and the US.

aperture magazine

California on Fire

Carolyn Drake’s photographs of the 2018 wildfires point to the human role in creating a new, terrifying normal.


The Photographs that Defined the Iranian Revolution

Forty years after the Iran’s turbulent political transformation, a look back at the images that captivated the world.


How to Make Art at 30,000 Feet

For nearly a decade, Nina Katchadourian has made images on airplanes using only a cell phone and found objects.


Don McCullin Doesn’t Want You to Look Away

From the Troubles in Northern Ireland to the wars in Southeast Asia, McCullin’s images defined the conflicts of the twentieth century.

aperture magazine

Foreigners in a Foreign Land

Arguiñe Escandón and Yann Gross travel to Peru in search of connections to nature.

aperture beat

Aperture Celebrates Ethan James Green at the 2019 Spring Party: Young New York

On April 5, 2019, leading creatives came together for a festive evening celebrating Ethan James Green’s “Young New York.”

aperture magazine

The Photographer Giving New Life to Ocean Plastic

Along the coast of South Africa, Thirza Schaap collects discarded bottles and shopping bags to create fanciful sculptures.


Announcing the 2019 Aperture Portfolio Prize Shortlist

From over 1,000 submissions, meet our five shortlisted artists.