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The Honesty of Petra Collins

The young photographer is celebrated for her raw and real depictions of femininity. But can images ever be trusted?


Take the J Train

In Andre D. Wagner’s new photobook, an intimate chronicle of black life on New York City’s subways.

The Other Side of Gordon Parks

A new exhibition reconsiders the legendary photographer’s fashion and portrait work.


Jamie Hawkesworth Doesn’t Believe in Boundaries

A rising photography star bridges the divide between art and fashion.


The PhotoBook as a Literary Form

Teju Cole’s first photobook unfolds the possibilities of text and image.

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How Can Images Tell the Story of Mass Incarceration in the US?

Aperture Foundation Announces “Prison Nation” Issue, Exhibition, and Public Engagement Series

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Beauty in the Eye of the Storm

Inside the ACLU, two trans artists stage a secret photo shoot—and question the attitudes of liberal institutions.


The Offset Artist

From Dayanita Singh, a portable museum in book form.

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Walker Evans, Hero of the Vernacular Style

A landmark exhibition argues that the photographer’s approach to image making goes far beyond documentary.

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Gender Is a Playground

Zackary Drucker and Kate Bornstein discuss pioneers, politics, and the next frontier in gender expression.


The Cult of Walter Pfeiffer

Delighting in male beauty and gender play, a prolific Swiss photographer reinvented the rules of attraction.


Time and Again

A new exhibition spotlights Nicholas Nixon’s preoccupation with the elusive passage of time.