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The Last Humanist

Sabine Weiss’s photographs brought style and serendipity to the streets of Paris and beyond.

talks & interviews

Zanele Muholi On Resistance

In an interview, the visual activist speaks about courage, rethinking history, and the politics of exclusion.

talks & interviews

Are We All Cyborgs?

From biohacking to vitamins, photographer Matthieu Gafsou’s latest series questions the relationship between human bodies and technology.


Energy Charts and Cosmic Light

Working between portraiture and documentary, Khalik Allah’s new book tracks Harlem by night.

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Back in the Days

Guadalupe Rosales and her archive of Chicano life in Los Angeles.

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A Range of Vision

Aperture’s free On Sight curriculum brings together students of different backgrounds in Los Angeles.


A Hidden History of Abortion

Laia Abril’s new book provides a harrowing record of women’s struggles to access family planning.

photobook awards

Announcing the 2018 PhotoBook Awards Shortlist Jury

This year’s PhotoBook Awards Shortlist jury includes Lucy Gallun, Kristen Lubben, and Yasufumi Nakamori.

talks & interviews

Koudelka’s Prague, Fifty Years Later

When Soviet troops invaded Czechoslovakia’s capital in August 1968, Josef Koudelka was one of the first on the scene.

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On the Cover: Aperture’s “Los Angeles” Issue

Like any metropolis, LA is dynamic, changing, evolving, contested.


Our Births, Ourselves

Carmen Winant’s archive considers the terrors and pleasures of childbirth.


Demanding Justice for Shahidul Alam

In Bangladesh, the brutal arrest of a prominent photographer incites an international outcry.