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talks & interviews

Chris Maggio’s Great American Facade

In a new body of work, the photographer confronts the country’s postelection landscape with dark humor.


A Century of Fashion in 12 Iconic Photographs

From Horst P. Horst to Viviane Sassen, fashion’s novelty, desire, fantasy, and seduction.


Italy’s First Photobook Festival

Gazebook brings contemporary photography to a remote village in Sicily.


From A.P.C., an “Owner’s Manual” for Minimalist Fashion

The French brand’s new book is a collage of postcards, snapshots, and influential commissions.

talks & interviews

Christina Fernandez’s Lines of Sight

In two new bodies of work, the artist considers space, architecture, and the nature of collaboration.

talks & interviews

The Midcentury Style

Fatoumata Diabate’s traveling studio revives the golden age of Malian studio portraiture.


Delirious Tokyo

In a new exhibition, Daido Moriyama returns to his icons and obsessions.


6 Men Who Think They’re the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

From Zambia to Japan, photographer Jonas Bendiksen tells their stories.


Aperture Honors Fred Smith (1942–2017)

Memories of the late Aperture Foundation trustee.


The Theater of Everyday Life

In France, photographer Alessandra Sanguinetti injects elements of fairy tales and fantasy into quotidian scenes.


Remembering Robert Delpire, Publisher of the Greats

Aperture commemorates the life of Robert Delpire (1926–2017).

member event

Inside Aperture Connect Meet-Up with Photo Collector W. M. Hunt

On September 13, Aperture Connect Members came together for a private after-hours tour.