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talks & interviews

How Do We See War?

In the age of drone strikes and nuclear threats, artists challenge expectations of photographing conflict.

talks & interviews

In Putin’s Russia, an Island of Tolerance

Dasha Yastrebova captures a fleeting moment in Moscow’s queer underground.


The 2017 PhotoBook Awards Shortlist

Aperture and Paris Photo announce the shortlist for the 2017 PhotoBook Awards.


The Humanist Visions of Santu Mofokeng

In a series of photobooks from the revered South African photographer, stories of grace, beauty, and dignity.


The Fate of Thoreau’s Pond

In Walden, Massachusetts, S.B. Walker’s meditates on the cruel contradictions of modernity.


You Can Never Be Too Rich

Americans were supposed to break free of the class system. But, in Lauren Greenfield’s chronicle of American wealth, the desire for status is insatiable.

talks & interviews

The American Dream in Saudi Arabia

In Ayesha Malik’s new photobook, a California-style suburb in the heart of oil country.


Pictograms of Lars von Trier

In still lifes and portraits, Casper Sejersen reinterprets the script of Nymphomaniac.


The Urban Riders of North Philadelphia

Mohamed Bourouissa explores how a neighborhood on the verge of gentrification etches out marks of distinction.


What Does it Take to Make a Successful Photobook?

Hear from past PhotoBook Awards winners and shortlisted artists on the ins and outs of book making.

aperture magazine

Art and Activism in a Contested Democracy

Five reflections on the relationship between photography, citizenship, and the law.


Photography is Limitless

What does photography look like in 2017? Emilia van Lynden of Unseen discusses how photography can be inclusive, flexible, and fun.