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The Best Photography Features of 2017

Aperture brings you this year’s highlights in photography and ideas.

talks & interviews

Trans Lives Illuminated

Since the 1970s, Mariette Pathy Allen has photographed the lives of trans and gender nonconforming people around the world.

talks & interviews

On the Side of Truth

A new exhibition reveals a Kenyan photojournalist’s Pan-African vision.

Aperture’s Holiday Gift Guide

From iconic monographs by master photographers, to groundbreaking, never-before-published work, here are the perfect photography gifts for everyone on your list.

Inside Sarah Meyohas’ Cloud of Petals

Aperture Members met with New York–based artist Sarah Meyohas for a special tour of her first large-scale exhibition.

talks & interviews

You Get Me?

Mahtab Hussain’s tender portraits question the image of South Asian Muslim men in Britain.

The Queen Unleashed

Lyle Ashton Harris’s archive offers a glimpse of a queer, black ’90s.


Wayne Sorce’s Nostalgic America

In 1970s-era New York and Chicago, a uniquely American sensibility.

talks & interviews

In Kashmir, Hope Blooms

Bharat Sikka offers a poetic portrait of a disputed region.

talks & interviews

Michael Marcelle’s Surreal New Jersey

How Hurricane Sandy set the tone for an uncanny photobook.

talks & interviews

Why Aren’t There Any Famous Asian American Photographers?

Three young photographers discuss the histories, struggles, and complexities of making photographs in America today.


A Mouthwatering History of Photography

From subtle to surreal, here are eleven innovative ways that artists have pictured food.