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America on the Brink

Zoe Leonard’s retrospective investigates the politics of image making.


David Goldblatt and the Legacy of Apartheid

For more than fifty years, the South African photographer has documented the structures of a divided society.

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Bruce Jackson: On the Inside

When a folklorist set out to document life in American prisons, he found the enduring segregation of the Old South.

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No Country for Young Men

In a society with strict definitions of manhood, how are photographers portraying Iranian masculinity?


What Makes a Family?

An exhibition explores how black photographers portray their communities and kin.

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Inside a Japanese Legend’s Latest Book

At the Japan Society, Aperture Members enjoyed a rare glimpse into Naoya Hatakeyama’s artistic process.

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Being and Belonging at MoMA

Behind the scenes of the museum’s latest showcase for new photography.

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What New York Photo Editors Want to See

The curators of the 2018 Aperture Summer Open discuss what inspires them in photography today.


Can a Feminist Embrace Araki?

At the Museum of Sex, a new look at the prolific—and provocative—Japanese photographer.

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Are You Listening, America?

Eugene Richards’s new film shares stories of overlooked citizens.

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Black is Brilliant

From Accra to Harlem, photographs that expand the field of representation.

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Behind the Scenes of Peter Hujar’s Bohemia

Aperture members met with curator Joel Smith to hear the stories behind Peter Hujar’s radical work.