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Shifting Sands: Conflict Photojournalism and Ethics – Recap

A brief summary in images and tweets (updated with link to live-stream footage) of a panel discussion moderated by VII Photo director Stephen Mayes, in discussion with photographer Marcus Bleasdale, New Yorker staff writer Philip Gourevitch, Doctors Without Borders communications director Jason Cone, Bard College literary theory and human rights professor Thomas Keenan, and TIME magazine photography director Kira Pollack. Review the live stream footage of Tuesday night’s event here, courtesy of Doctors Without Borders.

@aperturefnd: Stephen Mayes: “Who the journalist is is increasingly the message” – editorial; journalism – you still have to ask questions

@aperturefnd: Kira Pollack calls for need to be able to trust the “pure information” of an image no matter the speed, no matter digi or neg.

@PGourevitch: “I want to defend journalism”-photographing for an ngo is not journalism, it is branding; propaganda @aperturefnd

Presented in partnership with VII Photo Agency, Shifting Sands: Conflict Photojournalism and Ethics, a panel about the ethical dimensions of conflict photojournalism, was held at Aperture Gallery on Tuesday, September 18, 2012.

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