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Revisiting The Edge of Vision (Video)

From the beginning—The Edge of Vision author Lyle Rexer asserts—abstraction has been intrinsic to photography, and its persistent popularity reveals much about the medium. First printed by Aperture in 2009, The Edge of Vision: The Rise of Abstraction in Photography examines abstraction at pivotal moments in photography’s history, showcasing photographers who base their practice in some form of abstraction—from highly conceptual to more documentary approaches.

On the occasion of the 2013 reprint, Lyle Rexer recalls The Edge of Vision’s role in setting a historical context for abstraction, and the centrality of its rare and previously unpublished texts in illustrating the diversity of thinking that has gone on around issues in photography.

Join Lyle Rexer Monday, September 9 for The Edge of Vision Revisited: New Voices, a panel discussion with contemporary photographers Jessica Eaton, Niko Luoma, Yamini Nayar, and Mitch Paster, which will assess the growing importance of abstract practices, especially among younger photographers.

The Edge of Vision

The Edge of Vision

Lyle Rexer’s The Edge of Vision is the first book in English to document the phenomenon of abstraction in photography and put it in historical context.

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