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Rinko Kawauchi On Press – Ametsuchi

On-press images from the production of Rinko Kawauchi’s latest monograph, Ametsuchi.

The presses were rolling in Amsterdam earlier this month for Rinko Kawauchi’s forthcoming monograph Ametsuchi (Aperture, 2013), an eighty-page clothbound volume of the Japanese photographer’s latest work designed by Hans Gremmen.

Rinko Kawauchi has gained international recognition for her nuanced, lushly colored images that offer closely observed fragments of everyday life (see, for example, Illuminance, her 2011 Aperture monograph). In her latest work, Kawauchi shifts her attention from the micro to the macro—images of distant constellations and tiny figures lost within landscapes, as well as photographs of a traditional style of controlled-burn farming (yakihata) in which the cycles of cultivation and recovery span decades and generations.

Ametsuchi: Photographs by Rinko Kawauchi is coming soon.

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