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The Biennale Embracing Fear and Ambiguity in Photography

Ahead of an ambitious exhibition in Germany, curator David Campany speaks about the lives of images.

talks & interviews

In This Film Series, Queer Sex Is Front and Center

From Andy Warhol to Marlon Riggs, MoMA presents film as a radical expression of sexuality and activism.

talks & interviews

Revisiting African Portraiture, Through the Female Gaze

Sandrine Colard and Laurence Butet-Roch examine the history of how African women have been pictured, and in turn, how they look back at the viewer.

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All That Glitters is Fool’s Gold

From the gold rush to e-waste, Lisa Barnard’s new photobook offers a visual biography of a precious commodity.

talks & interviews

How to Map a Territory that You Don’t Own

Mitch Epstein discusses Standing Rock, the American flag, and the moment he saw Mount Rushmore cry.

talks & interviews

Tommy Kha Isn’t Kissing You Back

Tommy Kya, Kati, (Return to Sender), 2012

The Memphis-born photographer navigates performative intimacy, the legacy of the Mississippi Delta Chinese, and the pitfalls of visual language for queer Asian men.

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At Mariane Ibrahim’s New Chicago Gallery, an Otherworldly Portrait Series

Ayana V. Jackson’s exhibition of radically speculative character portraits inaugurates the midwest home of a leading American gallery.

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A Chronicle of Midwestern Masculinity

Gregory Halpern’s newest photobook is a nuanced portrait of golden-hour Omaha.

talks & interviews

Michael Jang’s American Dream

Michael Jang, David Bowie Signing Autographs, 1973

The photographer revisits his deeply funny and idiosyncratic images of suburbs, celebrities, and California in the 1970s.