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In a World of Loneliness, One Photographer’s Search for Community

Eli Durst speaks about team-building exercises, suburban Americana, and why his photographs resist interpretation.

talks & interviews

What It Takes to Be a Photo Editor

For TIME magazine’s editor at large, photography is about speaking truth to the world.

talks & interviews

Why Farah Al Qasimi Has Her Eye on You

The photographer and cocurator of the 2020 Aperture Summer Open speaks about glamorous bodegas, New York maximalism, and why art is essential—even during a crisis.

talks & interviews

In Mexico City, a Visual Archive of AIDS Activism

What does an exhibition about Mexico’s response to the HIV epidemic reveal about the connections between art and public health?

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The Artist Remixing History, from French Gardens to the Cosmos

Todd Gray’s layered compositions examine legacies of colonialism in Africa and Europe.

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The Biennale Embracing Fear and Ambiguity in Photography

Ahead of an ambitious exhibition in Germany, curator David Campany speaks about the lives of images.

talks & interviews

In This Film Series, Queer Sex Is Front and Center

From Andy Warhol to Marlon Riggs, MoMA presents film as a radical expression of sexuality and activism.

talks & interviews

Revisiting African Portraiture, Through the Female Gaze

Sandrine Colard and Laurence Butet-Roch examine the history of how African women have been pictured, and in turn, how they look back at the viewer.

talks & interviews

All That Glitters is Fool’s Gold

From the gold rush to e-waste, Lisa Barnard’s new photobook offers a visual biography of a precious commodity.