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Visit Aperture at EXPO CHICAGO

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Andrea Galvani, Death of an Image #4C, 2005/2012. Available at the Aperture booth at EXPO Chicago and online.

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Photograph by Richard Misrach. Courtesy of Robert Mann Gallery, New York.

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Photograph by Alec Soth. Courtesy Weinstein Gallery, Minneapolis.

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Photograph by Joel Sternfeld. Courtesy Luhring Augustine, New York.

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Photograph by Angela Strassheim. Courtesy Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York.

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Photograph by Shomei Tomatsu. Courtesy Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo.

Visit Aperture at booth 101 at EXPO CHICAGO, which will feature selections from the limited-edition print program by Jason Evans, Andrea Galvani, Richard Mosse, and James Welling, as well as a collection of new book releases. The fair is open from Thursday, September 19, to Sunday, September 22.

On September 22, join Aperture for a talk with artist LaToya Ruby Frazier and Karen Irvine, curator and associate director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography (MOCP) at Columbia College Chicago.

Many exhibitors at EXPO CHICAGO will feature photography. Among the artists whose work will be on view are Shomei Tomatsu (at Taka Ishii Gallery), Joel Sternfeld (at Luhring Augustine), Angela Strassheim (at Andrea Meislin Gallery), Christopher Williams (at David Zwirner), and Alec Soth (at Weinstein Gallery).

Photography exhibitions and events will take place throughout the city during the fair weekend, including a Kenneth Josephson exhibition at Stephen Daiter Gallery For more information, visit EXPO CHICAGO‘s website.

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