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W.M. Hunt: A Life In Photographs and Other Digressions

A multimedia performance piece presented by W.M. Hunt, the collector behind The Unseen Eye: Photographs From The Unconscious at Aperture.

Of his own volition, at his own insistence, collector, curator, consultant, writer, teacher, and fundraiser W. M. “Bill” Hunt arrived at Aperture Gallery on March 27, 2012 to present the second rendition of his so-called multimedia performance piece “A Life in Photographs and Other Digressions…”

Through his customary quick-witted ramblings, Hunt explores his lifelong predilection for images in which the subject’s eye is somehow obscured, a manifestation of his psyche, he believes. With this performance, Hunt hopes to bring to light many of the stories and names left out of his 2011 book The Unseen Eye: Photographs from the Unconscious.

Though gone are his rudest remarks from the original October 28, 2011 iteration, this two-part monologue, mixed with text, photo and video—a chronicle of life as a photo collector and the process of compiling this book—nonetheless offers an hour of unforgettable insights, revelations, and laughs.

Watch Part 2 of “W.M. Hunt: A Life In Photographs and Other Digressions…”

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