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Workshop Instructor Profile: Elinor Carucci (Video)

We sat down with photographer and instructor Elinor Carucci on November 1 to discuss her two-part workshop at Aperture Foundation, “Finding the Universal in Photographic Narratives”. The workshop reflected what motivates Carucci both as a photographer and as an educator. Spanning two weekends, the workshop led students to discuss the concepts and elements of personal narrative within their images, along with ideas and suggestions for how to make compelling edits and intriguing image sequences. Four weeks after the first meeting, Carucci gathered with students to view their new work, encouraging them to listen to their work, and allow it to grow.

Elinor is a great photographer and a warm person who can look at your work with a critical eye while also being supportive.”

You will be spending time with a master. There is much to learn even beyond your own work.

—Workshop participants


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