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Year in Review: Top Articles of 2013

Earlier this year we relaunched the award-winning Aperture magazine and, with it, introduced a new and expanding program of digital offerings and online-exclusive content from the magazine and beyond. From interviews with leading photographers and designers, to essays from the magazine, here’s what you loved reading in 2013.

Thomas Ruff: Photograms for the New Age

Aperture editor Michael Famighetti interviews photographer Thomas Ruff about his new series of photograms, exhibited in Spring 2013 at David Zwirner in New York. (From Aperture #211.)

Redux: Italo Calvino’s “The Adventure of a Photographer”

Aveek Sen on Italo Calvino’s “The Adventure of a Photographer.” (From Aperture #212.) Toward a New Curriculum

What is photographic education today? The question elicits a wave of differing, often contesting, answers. Artist, writer, and educator Arthur Ou considers the current state of photo education. (From Aperture #210.)

Interview with Hans Gremmen

On the occasion of the release of Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi’s newest book, Ametsuchi (Aperture, 2013), Aperture spoke with Hans Gremmen, the book’s designer.

Daido Moriyama: The Shock From Outside

Daido Moriyama speaks with Ivan Vartanian about the unending newness of photographs. (From Aperture #203.)

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