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Orders will ship by May 27, 2020.  To celebrate the release of An-My Lê: On Contested Terrain, Aperture is offering an exclusive deal. For a special price of $80, you will receive a copy of On Contested Terrain, plus a copy of Events Ashore. An-My Lê: On Contested Terrain By Dan Leers Texts by David Finkel and Lisa Sutcliffe Dialogue with An-My Lê and Viet Thanh Nguyen Copublished by Aperture and the Carnegie Museum of Art An-My Lê: On Contested Terrainis the first comprehensive survey of the Vietnamese American artist, published on the occasion of a major exhibition organized by Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh. Drawing, in part, from her own experiences of the Vietnam War, Lê has created a body of work committed to expanding and complicating our understanding of the activities and motivations behind conflict and war. Throughout her thirty-year career, Lê has photographed noncombatant roles of active-duty service members, often on the sites of former battlefields, including those reserved for training or the reenactment of war, and those created as film sets. This publication includes selections from her well-known series Viêt Nam, Small Wars, 29 Palms, and Events Ashore, in addition to never-before-seen images, including recent photographs from the US-Mexico border, formative early work, and lesser-known projects. Events Ashore Photographs by An-My Lê Notes by Geoff Dyer An-My Lê's first publication, Small Wars, examined the troubling beauty that both informs and binds Hollywood evocations and photojournalistic documents of conflict to Lê's childhood experiences in wartime Vietnam. Events Ashore continues her exploration of the American military, a pursuit both personal and civic. With this body of work, however, Lê emerges as a master colorist, employing the compositional precision and subtlety of palette of the large-format color negative to render the kaleidoscopic shifts of terrain and sudden intrusions of beauty, atmosphere and psychology within her observations of the military at work. Events Ashore began when the artist was invited to photograph US naval ships preparing for deployment to Iraq, the first in a series of visits to battleships, humanitarian missions in Africa and Asia, training exercises, and scientific missions in the Arctic and Antarctic. As Lê explains, these trips allowed her to study close at hand the military's noncombat activities, becoming "a launching point for an examination of the U.S. military on the global stage across oceans and borders as a symbol of conflict, an echo of the age of exploration, and an unlikely (and unsung) force in the unfolding environmental crisis This work is as much about my perspective and personal history as a political refugee from Vietnam as it is about the vast geopolitical forces and conflicts that shape these landscapes."

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