William Klein: Rome

Photographs by William Klein. Text by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Alberto Moravia, and Ennio Flaiano.


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In 1956, a 28-year old William Klein arrived in Rome, fresh from the debut of his now classic monograph “Life Is Good & Good for You in New York,” to assist Federico Fellini on his film “Nights of Cabiria.” Filming was delayed, and so Klein instead strolled about the city in the company of Fellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Alberto Moravia and other avant-garde Italian writers and artists who served as his guides. It was on these walks that “Rome,” a pioneering and brilliant visual diary of the city, was born. First published in 1959, Klein’s “Rome” features the quirky extended captions that distinguished his “New York” book, interspersed with observations about the city by Stendhal, Michelet, Mark Twain, Henry James and others. Today it is one of the most celebrated photography books of the twentieth century. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of “Rome”‘s publication, Aperture (in close collaboration with Contrasto) has produced a revised edition, which includes previously unseen fashion pictures made in Rome and an updated text by the photographer. Redesigned to encompass two volumes in a special PVC slipcase, this new edition offers audiences another chance to celebrate one of the great photobooks. As Fellini said, “Rome is a movie, and Klein did it.”
After graduating from university, William Klein (born in New York, 1928) settled in Paris and became a painter. He returned to New York in 1954, and made a photographic logbook which was published two years later, and which won him world-wide acclaim: “Life Is Good & Good for You in New York” (Prix Nadar, 1956). Later, he produced books dedicated to Tokyo, Moscow and Paris. Painter, photographer, moviemaker and graphic designer, Klein currently lives in Paris.


Format: Hardback
Number of pages: 224
Publication date: 11-01-2009
Measurements: 13.9 x 10 x 1.6 inches
ISBN: 9781597111195

Photographs by William Klein. Text by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Alberto Moravia, and Ennio Flaiano.

Born in New York in 1928, Klein is among the most important photographers of our time. He started his carreer with the publication of “Life is Good and Good for You in New York.” This immensely important photographic study was to be followed by “Rome,” “Moscow,” “Tokyo,” and “Paris + Klein.” This resulting series of books inspired an aesthetic revolution.
Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922 75) was an Italian film director, writer, and intellectual.
Moravia etait le nom d une partie de sa famille que l auteur du Mepris a privilegie comme ecrivain. Il se nommait en realite Alberto Pincherle. Mais ce nom, Moravia, tellement -mitteleuropeen-, le fait appartenir a la meme famille qu Andermann: celle des errants.

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