Things As They Are

Photojournalism In Context Since 1955


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Winner of the 2006 ICP Infinity Award for Best Publication

“A wonderful book…indispensable for anyone wishing to understand the story of modern photography.” –Sebastião Salgado

Things as They Are presents the story of photojournalism over fifty years, from the golden era of the illustrated press to the explosion of digital media in the twenty-first century. Told through 125 photojournalism features, selected by an international panel of 100 experts and presented in context on the pages of newspapers and magazines, Things as They Are reveals how world events, photographers’ eyes, and the interests of the press converged on the printed page. It includes landmark photo-essays by W. Eugene Smith, Sebastião Salgado, Mary Ellen Mark, and James Nachtwey, each accompanied by expert commentary, plus a historical essay by Mary Panzer, former Curator of Photographs of Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery; an afterword on the future of photojournalism by Christian Caujolle, curator and founder of Agence Vu Press, and a preface by Michiel Munneke, director of World Press Photo; and a timeline of the period illustrated with iconic winners of the annual World Press Photo awards. In addition, each published picture essay is accompanied by a text explaining the significance of the story, photographer, and publication.


Hardcover /Paperback
9 x 11 3/4 inches
384 pages
HC: 978-1-59711-014-3 PB: 978-1-59711-036-5
500 four-color images
Spring 2006

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