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New Work Series

The Edge of Vision Revisited: A Discussion with New Voices

Monday, September 9

6:30 pm

Aperture Gallery and Bookstore 547 West 27th Street New York, NY


On the occasion of the paperback edition of The Edge of Vision, author Lyle Rexer will moderate a panel discussion with contemporary photographers Jessica Eaton, Niko Luoma, Yamini Nayar, and Mitch Paster. These artists, whose work all involves some form of abstraction, were not included in The Edge of Vision, and are of varying ages and genders, with very different artistic practices. The discussion will assess the growing importance of abstract practices, especially among younger photographers. The examination of their work will provide vivid examples of how far this aspect of photography has developed in the four years since The Edge of Vision was first published. Rexer will present a brief introduction and images of the four artists’ work, followed by a Q&A with the panelists.

This panel is part of the New Work series at Aperture.


Lyle Rexer (editor) is a New York–based independent writer and critic. His previous books include Photography’s Antiquarian Avant-Garde (2002) and How to Look at Outsider Art (2005); he contributed an interview with Chuck Close and Bob Holman to A Couple of Ways of Doing Something (Aperture, 2006), and is the author of The Edge of Vision (Aperture, 2010).

The Edge of Vision Revisited: A Discussion with New Voices