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SPE National Conference

Thursday, March 1 – Sunday, March 4

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown 1201 Market Street Philadelphia, PA


Join Aperture at booth 45 for the 55th annual Society for Photographic Education conference, Uncertain Times: Borders, Refuge, Community, Nationhood.

Ours is a time where borders and division continue to challenge our very understanding of humanity. The opportunity to share on an international level is as close as the screens we hold in our hands, and yet, in a time of prolific imagemaking many lens-driven stories remain unseen. For every picture story brought to light, too many struggle for exposure. The power of images to ignite the rally cry for change are the same images that encourage empathy and stewardship, and these images come from every aspect of the photographic world—documentarians, conceptual artists, and citizens with their mobile devices. SPE’s 55th Annual Conference, Uncertain Times, will address questions of globalization, migration, territory, refuge, community, identity, nationalism, and internationalism, and will evaluate the contribution of photographic practices seeking to humanize and reveal these topics.

Saturday, March 3
6:00 p.m., Grand Ballroom Salon H | Guest Speaker Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis, guest editor of the landmark “Vision & Justice” issue of Aperture magazine, will give the keynote speech.

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SPE National Conference