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Aperture In Person

Touching Strangers: The American Family

Friday, September 8

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Union Square Park South Plaza Steps 201 Park Ave S New York, NY


Join Aperture and Richard Renaldi for a group photoshoot inspired by Renaldi’s Touching Strangers series. Given the political climate, heightened after events such as Charlottesville and the announcement to end DACA, we believe this project is more important than ever and invite New Yorkers of all color, creed, gender, race, religion, and age to participate.

In Touching Strangers, Renaldi directed strangers to pose in front of a large-format, 8-by-10-inch view camera in towns and cities all over the United States, portraying the human desire to connect despite our differences. These startlingly intimate portraits reveal “humanity as it could be as most of us wish it would be and as it was, at least for those one fleeting moments in time.” These relationships may have only lasted for one moment, but the resulting photographs are moving and provocative, and continue to raise profound questions about the possibilities for breaking down social barriers with positive human connection in a diverse society.

Organized with the support of NYC Parks/Union Square and Fotocare, this gathering coincides with the publications of a new paperback edition of Touching Strangers (Aperture, October 2017).

Image: Vincent and Charles, Los Angeles, 2012; from Touching Strangers (Aperture, 2014) © Richard Renaldi


Touching Strangers: The American Family