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Editors’ Note

What Matters Now?
Contributions by Ted Conover, Laura Kurgan, David McConville, Eric Zimmerman

Aveek Sen on Italo Calvino’s “The Adventure of a Photographer”

Prajna Desai on Mumbai

Collectors: The Filmmakers
Contributions by Jan de Bont, Abbas Kiarostami, Mike Mills, Matt Wolf

Studio Visit
Eric Banks with Saul Leiter in the East Village


Music I’ve Seen
Christian Marclay in conversation with Frances Richard

Playing Around Photography
by Robin Kelsey

Photogeliophobia: Fear of Funny Photography—A Diagnosis
by Tim Davis

Photography Knocks at the Door
Erwin Wurm in conversation with Max Hollein

The Big Game
Brian Droitcour

Photography and Jacques Tati’s Playtime
by David Campany

What Do You See?
Sophie Calle in conversation with Melissa Harris

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