Aperture Magazine
#224, Fall 2016

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The fall issue of Aperture magazine delves into the relationship between sound and image. How have photographers drawn inspiration from music? How have cultures of image making developed in tandem with music making? Whether capturing an intoxicating performance, or individuals lost in dance or caught in an ecstatic moment of listening, photographs give form to the ways sounds move us.

This issue’s features include John Jeremiah Sullivan’s profile of William Eggleston and his long-standing passion for music, a conversation with Vancouver-based photo-conceptualist Stan Douglas, a remembrance of the legendary Malian photographer Malick Sidibé, Vinca Petersen’s look at underground rave culture in the 1990s, plus Vince Aletti on LP art, Kelefa Sanneh on Michael Schmelling, and contributions by Simon Baker, Geoff Dyer, Alicia Garza, Santu Mofokeng, Lucy Raven, Kastumi Watanabe, Kaelen Wilson-Goldie, Matthew S. Witkovsky, and much more.

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Table of Contents


Michael Schmelling: Your Blues
Introduction by Kelefa Sanneh

Katsumi Watanabe’s Discology
Introduction by Kyoichi Tsuzuki

Total Records
Introduction by Vince Aletti

Newsha Tavakolian: Listen
Introduction by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

Vinca Peterson: No System
Introduction by Sheryl Garatt

Santu Mofokeng: Pedi Dancers
Introduction by Joshua Chuang

Noisy Pictures: A Sonic Sequence
Contributions by Simon Baker, Martin Barnes, Geoffrey Batchen, David Campany, Jimena Canales, Noam M. Elcott, Virginia Heckert, Greil Marcus, Stephen Pinson, Brian Sholis, Matthew Witkovsky, and Karolina Ziębińska-Lewandowska


Object Lessons
Jonna Kina’s Foley Objects, 2013



Editor’s Note

Collectors: The Activists
Contributions by Alicia Garza, Laura Hanna, Peter Staley, and Micah White

by Pieter Hugo

Hinde Haest on Ed van der Elsken’s De Jong  & Van Dam NV 1912-1962

Ismail Fayed on the Cairo Bats

On Portraits
Geoff Dyer on Roy DeCarava


Listening for Eggleston
by John Jeremiah Sullivan

Photographs & Phonographs
by Sara Knelman

The Producer: Stan Douglas in Conversation with Kwami Coleman

Midnight in Bamako
by A. Chab Touré

Wild Sync: Lucy Raven in Conversation with Drew Sawyer



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Aperture Magazine
#224, Fall 2016

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