In the right picture, Cammy?s memorial 1 meter collage made with family pictures, placed in the Robinson’s family living room. On the left picture, of grieving support letters for Robinson?s family after Cammy past away accompanied by the newspaper obituary of Cammy’s death. June, 2013, Chattanooga, Tennessee. This is the story of the Robinson family ? and the aftermath suffered in losing their 26 year old daughter to bulimia. Working closely with the family Laia Abril reconstructs Cammy?s life telling her story through flashbacks ? memories, testimonies, objects, letters, places and images. The Epilogue gives voice to the suffering of the family, the indirect victims of ?eating disorders?, the unwilling eyewitnesses of a very painful degeneration. Laia Abril shows us the dilemmas and struggles confronted by many young girls; the problems families face in dealing with guilt and the grieving process; the frustration of close friends and the dark ghosts of this deadliest of illnesses; all blended together in the bittersweet act of remembering a loved one. Art Directed by Ramon Pez. Dewi Lewis Pubilshing, 2014

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