How is Aperture Navigating the Pandemic?

We believe in the value of photography to help make sense of the world, and to connect us. Like all of you, our health, economic well-being, and working lives are profoundly challenged by this pandemic. But we at Aperture are in good health, learning to function as a strong team from our respective kitchen tables, and determined to prevail.
Staying connected.
Aperture is a vital and diverse community for whom photography is home—artists, documentarians, bookmakers, photography and book lovers, collectors, visual activists, and many more, who draw their inspiration from photographers. Through this crisis, we aim to care for every branch of our community and nurture our special network of relationships. Like you, we are discovering new ways to be together, including via online public and patron programs. We cherish our community. Please stay in touch.
Being relevant.
We believe in photography as a vital tool to address the urgent issues of our society and culture. Our job is to anticipate, track, and frame the way that photographers are engaging with the issues of our time. We take our cue from artists envisioning future possibilities for our communities, and for humanity. Just as there are many tragedies in this crisis, photography will continue to help all of us reimagine a better world. Aperture is on it.
Sustaining our income.
During a time when you are hurting economically, so are we. Aperture’s activities depend on gifts and grants, book and print sales, and magazine subscriptions, but with art fairs canceled, bookshops closed, and events like our gala postponed, we are focused on how we can make up shortfalls. We are pursuing every available support package for which we are eligible and talking to institutional supporters, as well as looking to you, our community and our audiences, to help us get through this. If you value what we do, please show it by shopping with us online (we will offer something special each week) and maintaining or increasing your supporting gifts. For the moment, we remain strong and intact, and with your help, so shall we continue.
Giving thanks.
Since lockdown began, we have reached out to our community and audiences regularly, appealing to you to support us with purchases, subscriptions, and gifts. Your response has been amazing. On behalf of everyone at Aperture, we profoundly appreciate each of you, and thank you for keeping the faith! It helps sustain and motivate us. Thank you!
—Chris Boot, Executive Director

News and updates:

  • Our online shop is open! Our customer service teams are here to assist you.
  • All in-person events have been canceled through the end of May.
  • We’ve launched a new series of online events. See the schedule here.

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