PhotoBook Review Issue 010 - PhotoBook Review 010 – Reviews


Justine Kurland onMariken WesselsTaking Off. Henry My Neighbor

Tim Carpenter onMichael SchmellingMy Blank Pages

Eugénie Shinkle onAdam Broomberg & Oliver ChanarinSpirit is a Bone

Kate Palmer Albers onTaisuke KoyamaRainbow Variations

Jon Uriarte onMariela SancariMoisés

Sarah Bay Gachot onEva Respini, ED.Walid Raad

Vicki Goldberg onDarcy Grimaldo GrigsbyEnduring Truths: Sojourner’s Shadows and Substance

Adam Bell onEduardo Cadava and Gabriela NouzeillesThe Itinerant Languages
of Photography

Doug DuBois onChris KillipIn Flagrante Two

The PhotoBook Review is a publication dedicated to the consideration of the photobook—focusing on the best photography books being published, from the coffee-table book to the handmade artist’s edition, and on creating a better understanding of the ecosystem of the photobook as a whole.

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