The PhotoBook Review
#005, Fall 2013

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Features and Columns

Publisher’s NoteLesley A. Martin

Editor’s NoteDarius Himes

Out of Print SOS!Rebecca Solnit on Ira Nowinski

Out of Print SOS!Erik Kessels on Hans Eijkelboom

The Fine Art of Making ThingsXavier Barral, Danny Frank, Kimi Himeno, Nicole Katz, Michael Mack, Sue Medlicott, Thomas Palmer, David Skolkin, and others

Part A: Material Considerations
Part B: Preparing Files/Separations
Part C: Putting Ink on Paper

Announcing the Thirty Books Short-listed for The Paris Photo—Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards 2013

Centerfold by Anonymous Press

Designer ProfileAlan Rapp in conversation with Hans Gremmen

Publisher ProfileDarius Himes in conversation with Dana Faconti (Blind Spot)


Vicki Goldberg on

Fred Ritchin on
Louie Palu, Mira Mexico

Danny Lyon on
Mike Brodie, A Period of Juvenile Prosperity

Mark Oppenheimer on
Broomberg and Chanarin, Holy Bible

Susan Bright on
Rafal Milach, Black Sea of Concrete

Maria Antonella Pelizzari on
Alessandro Imbriaco, The Garden

Francis Hodgson on
Sebastião Salgado, Genesis

Jessica Loudis on
Viviane Sassen, In and Out of Fashion

Penelope Umbrico on
Ruth van Beek, The Arrangement

Ed Panar on
Alec Soth and Brad Zellar, LBM Dispatch