- PhotoBook Review Issue 006—Reviews


Amanda Maddox on Mao Ishikawa, Hot Days in Okinawa

Tomoki Matsumoto on Oliver Sieber, Imaginary Club

Elspeth H. Brown on Robert Mapplethorpe, Object

Yannick Bouillis on Marie Angeletti, Fabricants Couleurs

Christy Lange on Lucas Blalock, Windows Mirrors Tabletops

Sarah Bay Williams on Stefan Burger, The Pommel Horse Popo

Joanna L. Cresswell on Nico Krijno, Smoke Room, Issue 1

Marc Feustel on Louis Porter, Conflict Resolution

Nicholas Muellner on Olaf Nicolai and Jan Wenzel, Four Times Through the Labyrinth

Delphine Bedel on Eric Stephanian, Lucas