- PhotoBook Review Issue 008—Features and Columns

Features and Columns

Publisher’s NoteLesley A. Martin

Editor’s NoteIvan Vartanian

Photobook as Performance as Photobook with Bruno Ceschel, Sebastian Hau, Melinda Gibson, Aron Mörel, Katja Stuke, and Anouk Kruithof

If You Came Here to Have Fun, You Will Denise Wolff in conversation with Jason Fulford

Designer Spotlight Yoshihisa Tanaka

Publisher Profile Kenji Takazawa on Sokyusha

Collecting the Japanese Photobook Conversations with Ryuichi Kaneko and Ivan Vartanian

Collecting the Japanese Photobook, Part Two Conversations with Manfred Heiting and Lesley A. Martin

CenterfoldAnouk Kruithof and Lieko Shiga

Marc Feustel on Photobooks After 3/11

How to Move a Book: Whitewater Rafting and Photobook DistributionTricia Gabriel and Mike Slack