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Issue 002 launches in Europe …

Issue 002 Editor of Markus Schaden sends us his snaps of The PhotoBook Review lounging at the Kassel Fotobook Festival, Paris Edition.

This issues features text contributions by festival co-founders Dieter Neubert and  Thomas Weigand, French bloggers Marc Feustel, Remí Coignet and Laurence Vecten, editors and curators Susan Bright, Gerry Badger, Tate Shaw of the Visual Studies Workshop, Alan Rapp, Darius Himes, James Crump, Ivan Vartanian, Thomas Seelig from Fotomuseum Wintherthur, Ramón Reverté, Paul Moakley, FOAM’s Marcel Feil, Tamara Berghmans from the FotoMuseum Antwerp, Aperture’s own Denise Wolff, and photographers Ken Schles, Christian Patterson, Joachim Brohm, Machiel Botman, and Danny Lyon

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Copies will also soon be available through our distribution partners, namely the Milan Image Art Fair, the School of Visual Arts, and the Cleveland Museum of Art, when they open their exhibition DIY: Photographers & Books

And, don’t forget: if you are an Aperture magazine subscriber, you’ll get a copy along with the May issue! It’s not too late to subscribe now to get both a great magazine and your biannual issue of PhotoBook Review.

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The PhotoBook Review is a publication dedicated to the consideration of the photobook—focusing on the best photography books being published, from the coffee-table book to the handmade artist’s edition, and on creating a better understanding of the ecosystem of the photobook as a whole.

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