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The PhotoBook Review 002 Coming Soon!

The second issue of The PhotoBook Review, edited by the inimitable Markus Schaden, is just about out the door!

The second issue of The PhotoBook Review is just about out the door!

In addition to being available at Aperture Gallery and at our partner venues, this issue will be shipped with the next issue of Aperture magazine … so if you’re already subscriber, you can look forward to a complimentary copy with the May issue. If you’re not yet a subscriber, it’s not too late! Subscribe by April 25, and you’ll still be in time to get your first copy AND a copy of The PhotoBook Review 002.

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The PhotoBook Review is a publication dedicated to the consideration of the photobook—focusing on the best photography books being published, from the coffee-table book to the handmade artist’s edition, and on creating a better understanding of the ecosystem of the photobook as a whole.

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