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The Table of Power, Vol. 2

Jacqueline Hassink and designer Irma Boom stopped by last week to show off the limited-edition version of The Table of Power, Volume 2 (hint, it has a wooden cover!), a continuation of Hassink’s 1995 project to map the ineffable structures of economic power.

Wallpaper magazine did a nice piece on the project, including a fairly extensive gallery and an interview with the artist in which she talks about the questions and research that led to the amazingly informative and striking indexes and graphs contributed by the outstanding Irma Boom.

Jacqueline Hassink and designer Irma Boom stopped by last week to show off the limited-edition version of The Table of Power, Volume 2.

They also got a sneak peek at the first printed F&Gs (folded-and-gathered sheets) of The Dutch Photobook by editors Frits Giertsberg and Rick Suermondt, copublished by NAi and Aperture (in the U.S. and U.K.) to accompany an exhibition “Celebrating the Photobook: The Dutch Photobook since 1945” at the Netherlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. (More on that to come …)

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