- PhotoBook Review Issue 001—Features and Columns

Features and Column

Publisher’s NoteLesley A. Martin

Editor’s Note: Welcome to The PhotoBook ReviewJeffrey Ladd

“Reading” the PhotobookGerry Badger

The Paris Photo Book Prize 2011: IntroductionJulien Frydman

The Paris Photo Book Prize 2011: NominationsHarper Levine, Markus Schaden, Satoshi Machiguchi & Hisako Motoo, and Antoine de Beaupré

Image and Text: Barbara BrändliHoracio Fernández

Publisher Profile: Xavier BarralDarius Himes

Designer Profile: Sybren KuiperJeffrey Ladd

XMLAlec Soth in conversation with John Gossage and Raymond Meeks

CenterfoldJeffrey Ladd

The Photobook as ReadymadeCharlotte Cotton and Joachim Schmid

About Process: The MaquetteJim Goldberg and Philip Brookman in conversation with Jeffrey Ladd

First Book: Bad WeatherMartin Parr

Uncharted Territories: The Great Hall of the PeopleRuben Lundgren

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