The PhotoBook Review Issue 016 - PhotoBook Review 016—Reviews

These Queer PhotoBooks Changed My LifeCompiled by Brendan Embser and Matthew Leifheit
Featuring contributions by Horace D. Ballard, Joan E. Biren, Deborah Bright, Shannon Ebner, Philip Gefter, Laura Guy, Jonathan D. Katz, Kayode Ojo, David Benjamin Sherry, Ka-Man Tse, and Timothy Young

Dreams Revised:Remembering the Manfred Heiting CollectionAnne Wilkes Tucker


Museum of the RevolutionSean O’Toole on Guy Tillim

Bees & The BearableYining He on Chen Zhe

White GazeKhairani Barokka on Michelle Dizon and Viêt Lê

No More No LessLouise Fedotov-Clements on Kensuke Koike and Thomas Sauvin

Margins of ExcessStefan Vanthuyne on Max Pinckers

Dos ImperialDanaé Panchaud on Bruno Aeberli and Pauline Piguet

Map of Latin American DreamsAndrea Jösch on Martín Weber

The Universal PhotographerCaroline von Courten on Anne Geene and Arjan de Nooy

The PhotoBook Review is a publication dedicated to the consideration of the photobook—focusing on the best photography books being published, from the coffee-table book to the handmade artist’s edition, and on creating a better understanding of the ecosystem of the photobook as a whole.

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