Modena, 1973

Luigi Ghirri


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“The landscape Modena (1973) is quite beautiful. The shades of green, from that austere wedge to the fuzzier, yellow-tinted grass and shrubs, and then that circular chunk of yellow. Beautiful. I like everything about it: I like the play among reality and mystery, the constructed. Everybody thinks this is new, but Ghirri was doing it more than thirty years ago.” —William Eggleston

Luigi Ghirri’s pioneering color photography work has influenced a generation of photographers, including Eggleston, Olivo Barbieri, and Martin Parr, and William Eggleston. Aperture is pleased to offer this very special limited-edition photograph in collaboration with Paola Ghirri, the artist’s wife.




Print Paper Size: 9 5/8 x 11 15/16 inches
Print Image Size: 6 1/2 x 9 3/8 inches
Edition of 25 and 5 artist’s proofs
Signed and numbered by Paola Ghirri with the estate stamp

About the Artist

Luigi Ghirri (born in 1943; died in 1992) revolutionized Italian photography in the 1970s during his relatively short life, and is widely considered a pioneer and master of contemporary color photography. Ghirri shared the sensibility of what became known in the United States as the New Color and the New Topographics movements, before they had even been named.

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